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Waiting beyond the rolling fog
Hidden gems at the end of the road
And remote unwalkable lands
To rolling waves & calm waters
From within the warm nest
And beneath the stars
​"L'oiseau Bleu'' is a wonderful campervan I have owned since 2015.
Heir to the famously sturdy GMC vandura / Chevyvan line. ​After many road adventures. I'm letting it go to someone willing to take good care of it and give it the love it deserves.
This is the perfect project van.
Starts well & drives fine, but needs TLC under the belly.
For that reason I'm offering it much lower than I would want for it.

GMC Vandura 2500, with an odometer reading of 260532.

The GOOD :
- Brand new battery
- New starter & spark plugs
- 4 all season tires & recent brakes
- Recent rear suspensions
- 5 seats with all original safety belts.
- Bed conversion with 5-in memory foam mattress.
- Very rare custom canopy with triangular windows. (you won't find that one around)

The PLUS :

- Solar panels on the roof ​wired to a battery at the back, I never ​used, ​​​but the whole electrical circuit is still plugged.​
- heavy duty bike rack
- Table, chairs & camping equipment (heater, mobile gas stove)
- Toolbox
- And much more ...

The TLC full disclosure :

- Steering : Steering shaft U joints, box & pitman arm getting worn, needs to be changed and realigned
- Power Steering fluid leak
- Lights: rear Left light brake and reverse lights currently out
- Driver door electric stopped working recently (driver window + central closing).
Smaller TLC
- Some body rust & scratches
- Some window seals are sad
- Washer fluid pump not working

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